Meet the Outfitters


Dave Pemberton – Owner/Founder

Outfitters is truly a dream come true for me. I love the outdoors and having the right equipment is vital to many of the adventures I go on. Sometimes the gear performs perfectly; sometimes there are changes I would like to see made. I spend countless hours researching and looking into products before I purchase. My hope for Outfitters is to use my knowledge of the outdoors and my quest for the perfect equipment to provide other people with high quality gear that performs every time...and have fun while doing it!



Tim "Timer" Pemberton - Product Research

Tim is one of the main reasons Outfitters came to be. Years before Outfitters was an actuality Tim and I would often talk about owning a business involving hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. He has been a trusted advisor and sounding board for me since I begin talking to him about starting Outfitters. Tim is an avid hunter and the second best fisherman in the group (not just because I (Dave) am writing this either). Tim works in product development, business relations and sales. If you are given the opportunity to ever go on an adventure with this guy I would highly recommend.