About Us

First and foremost, we are a company that does not just produce and sell outdoor equipment; we use outdoor equipment. We are passionate about enjoying the beauty and challenges that nature presents and genuinely enjoy what we do!

Our founder, Dave Pemberton is a skilled hunter, fisherman and outdoorsman. He is also a gear hound with an appreciation for quality.  When Dave would invite friends and family to join him on an adventure often times they would not have the correct gear and equipment. Lucky for them Dave would always have enough gear for the group. Soon his friends and family begin to joke that the only “outfitter” they use is Pemberton Outfitters.  It had always been a dream of Dave’s to be able to make a living in the field he loves and in 2014 he pulled the trigger and launched Outfitters.

Dave’s vision for the company was to produce and sell products which are exceptional in quality and functionality. If unable to find a product we want to sell then we will design and manufacture one. Dave's philosophy for equipment has always been to 'buy once, cry once,' meaning he feels if you buy a quality piece of equipment you should only have to pay for it once.  Therefore all of our gear is designed to last a long time and be manufactured with the utmost of quality in mind.  Thank you for supporting our company, we truly appreciate your business.